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I like the game but I'm stuck on the last level lol I have been trying this for some minutes now I need help

It's simpler than it looks - just block all of the lava while keeping your access to the two keys.

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Hey! Thanks for playing :) yeah the last level is kind of difficult. We decided to include it anyway, as some people felt like the game was to easy. In the final game such levels will probably become optional bonus stages :D



Thanks :)



unique idea, and music and artstyle really matches the calm gameplay. just wanted to take a peek, but .. whoops .. played the whole thing. well done!

We are glad you like it! Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

5 out of 5, would play again.

Thank you so much! :)

Great work on this!

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Excellent work, loved the puzzle design. Last one had me stumped for a while!

I'd love to play a full version of this. It'd be really satisfying to master the ideas being played with here 😁

Thanks a lot! We were kind of scared that we wouldn't get some more difficult levels in at the end when the time was running out.

Which ones were your favourites?

game feels very polished and is fun overall. good job.

Oh my, thank you! Time was going way too fast and the little robot animations almost didn't make it :D But somehow we pulled it together last minute.

What fills especially polished to you? And did you have any favourite levels?

the things that felt very polished is the music, gameplay,graphics and overall everything. and also. i dont really have a favourite level. they where all pretty fun tho.

That's great to hear! Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback :)

Also I'd genuinely would like to listen to more from this/these composer/s

Hey Juan! Thanks for feedback; we're glad you like it! The music has been composed by

Amazing! The take is pretty good and the execution is excellent. The level design is pretty cool and the art and music are super good and chill.

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