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Help level 15 stuck nearly imp

Me too


can't beat level 15 and I know I can break level

How might one complete level 34?


I am stuck on level 7

Little hint for you then. The copied part stays in your clipboard so you can paste the same blocks multiple times without having to copy again. Hope that helps :)

Thanks I will see if it works :)

Level 26 was hard. But, I figured it out. Well was it intentional or a bug I mistakenly used?

This is really fun! though i was confused at the start. There's no tutoriel, other than that, really good!

I cannot even beat level 5

The lava steps level was unbeatable!


I promise you, it's not. All included levels are beatable :)

I just forgot that you can copy void and paste it.

this game is really cute and fun!  i saw in other comments that you intend to expand it and i'm looking forward to that!  my only suggestion is to have an undo button that doesn't just reset the level and what you've already copy/pasted...  it's a little frustrating to need to reset the level every time i try a new copied bit out.

Good suggestion, we will think about that. Don't want to make it to easy though and have people copy/paste random bits rather than think about it. 
Thanks a lot for playing :)

Great game, I really loved it (sorry for trying it out so late), but I am stuck on level 32, and I have searched on the internet and on these comments, but I still have no clue what to do!

No need to apologize :D Glad you enjoyed it so far. If you want a hint about lvl 32 let me know.

Wow that was an amazing game, its amazing that it took only 48 hours!  Its very unique and is very fun.  But, there is a game breaking glitch that you should know about.  If you send to inputs at the same time, lets say you have a macro pressing d 2 times, or if you press it s and click on the downwards arrow for example, your character sometimes moves twice, but the lava only moves once.  This also allows you to do other weird things.  I do not know anything about coding, but possible adding in a small input delay might fix that?  I don't know.  But besides that, the game was astonishing, im definitely going to show it to all of my friends!

Hey there, we're glad you enjoy playing our game and consider sharing it! As game developers, nice feedback is always really encouraging and keeps us motivated.

We'll definitely be looking into that issue, thanks for reporting it to us!

Anyone else stuck at 28 "void step" been at it for nearly half a hour before just giving up on it. I get the mechanic that you can void step as mentioned some where else. but for the life of me i cant see how that can help me

you have to move before you paste. Hope that helps

ctrl c and ctrl v don't work

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I've been staring at my screen trying to figure out level 35 for over an hour now.

Never mind I took a break for a day and figured out.

Glad to hear you've made it :P @littleBugHunter added this level without explaining it to us, and we too were absolutely overwhelmed in the first moment. I kinda figured it out when I randomly copied an area and it suddenly worked out :D

sorry... :( I'll rework it :D


Whoo. That was a doozy, but I beat it. The only level I needed help with was 34.

Though the level "Crosses?" took me forever for some reason! It really wasn't that hard, but I couldn't figure out what section to copy paste haha.

Great game! Kinda want more, but my brain needs a break.

how you pass it?

Good to hear it was a challenge :D
We are planning to turn it into a full game and will be posting updates about it on itch and twitter.
Hopefully your brain will have recovered by then ;)

Cheers, Laura

i can't pass the "Crosses?"

nvm i did it

What engine or language did you use to create this game?

The project was created with Typescript and PIXI.js :)

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Wow. I somehow managed to finish 35 with an extra control up my sleeve. (The Lava was hot on my heels)

Strat was simply to isolate the bottom two sources, and try to outpace the top right. When I came to the two bonus keys, I realised I may have fallen into a trap; but I saw that I only needed to paste the tile arrangement I was using to continue running to the exit over that gap by the exit just once.

Even though I just completed it now, exactly what I copied is a bit hazy. I think it was a group of tiles in the area of the bottom right-ish of the map.

All in all, a very nice little puzzler. Well done! I can tell a lot of love went into making this. :)

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I beat level 27? yeah!

I used a bug for it? HELL YEAH!!!




you can put yourself in a empty square and still walk to a block :3


Hey Jorge! Glad to see that you enjoy playing our game and made it that far!

That's actually a feature we named "Void Step" you have to use at certain points in the game :P


the moment that I realized it was wonderfull, glad that this is how is suposed to be :3

he patched that :(


He didn't patch it. You have to remove the tile under you then have a floor adjacent to your tile

Nice concept really loved it.

Ah a bug! Thanks for sharing this. We will fix it!
Game got confused if the lava or the key pick up is more important :D


made in unity??

Hey ThaCuber! The whole project was done using Typescript and PIXI.js

oh how good i can download it!


Hello, I had fun playing this game :) ...I have made a review video on Best games from GMTK game jam 2020, and I have include your game review there... Do check it out and also Share and Subscribe to my YouTube channel...Soon I will be uploading a walk through video of your game as well...Once again, Superb work... looking forward for more :)


how to beat 35 level?

this is a great game, i would just like to see maybe a menu? some levels are really tough

by menu i mean something to like skip levels

Hey rcatbird! We're currently working on creating a world/level selection screen which allows for skipping and coming back to levels at a later point. So stay tuned :-)

How do I run it?

Either you can play it directly in your browser, or use the itch client for desktop. We're soon going to release a downloadable executable for Windows.

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Lvl 32 is too hard

It's true that there is not really a difficulty curve right now, but we are working on new levels to make it not quite so harsh.



I for the life of me cannot get past it... please help advise DX

dont know if this is a glitch but if you delete the floor under the character you can still move to any adjacent tiles with a floor


working as designed and is needed to beat some levels.

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Indeed! It was an unintentional side effect of the movement system, which we decided to keep as a mechanic for later levels. During a gamejam you're happy about every bug that turns into a feature :D


Lvl 24 can be beaten with one less CTRL


Good catch! We figured that out at some point after the initial release when my friend instantly solved it that way. I wonder how many quicker solutions actually exist in the game :-)


Great game! :D


Fun game but for the life of me I can't figure out 34/35 no bridge


the secret is to move while you ctrl v

ctrl C ONLY the three alternating blocks at the top (or bottom)
ctrl V in the middle
move forwards 1
ctrl V again, same place as before, but shifted 1 to the left
(you should be now standing on the void
move forwards 1
ctrl V again, gain shifted 1 more to the left
move forwards to the exit :D



Deleted 222 days ago

Thanks for the feedback :) yeah we figured the game can become a bit frustrating when you're stuck. We are working on a world map system that allows skipping some levels you're stuck on.


Deleted 222 days ago

I like the game but I'm stuck on the last level lol I have been trying this for some minutes now I need help

It's simpler than it looks - just block all of the lava while keeping your access to the two keys.

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Hey! Thanks for playing :) yeah the last level is kind of difficult. We decided to include it anyway, as some people felt like the game was to easy. In the final game such levels will probably become optional bonus stages :D



Thanks :)



unique idea, and music and artstyle really matches the calm gameplay. just wanted to take a peek, but .. whoops .. played the whole thing. well done!

We are glad you like it! Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

5 out of 5, would play again.

Thank you so much! :)

Great work on this!

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Excellent work, loved the puzzle design. Last one had me stumped for a while!

I'd love to play a full version of this. It'd be really satisfying to master the ideas being played with here 😁

Thanks a lot! We were kind of scared that we wouldn't get some more difficult levels in at the end when the time was running out.

Which ones were your favourites?

game feels very polished and is fun overall. good job.

Oh my, thank you! Time was going way too fast and the little robot animations almost didn't make it :D But somehow we pulled it together last minute.

What fills especially polished to you? And did you have any favourite levels?

the things that felt very polished is the music, gameplay,graphics and overall everything. and also. i dont really have a favourite level. they where all pretty fun tho.

That's great to hear! Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback :)

Also I'd genuinely would like to listen to more from this/these composer/s

Hey Juan! Thanks for feedback; we're glad you like it! The music has been composed by

Amazing! The take is pretty good and the execution is excellent. The level design is pretty cool and the art and music are super good and chill.

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